Aims for MA3

Initial Ideas:

Although I have been working in the studio a lot this summer this is where the work has to come together and get serious and there needs to be conclusions – without totally losing the playfulness I hope. I want to enjoy this process but am pretty terrified by the pressure of it. In addition to the body of work for the MA show (somewhere in the North of England in June) I have an exhibition in Madrid starting at a date to be confirmed in April. That means 2 bodies of work one of which I have started to develop this summer. Here I want to try to get started with the blog again and therefore my initial ideas for aims:

  • develop a more rigorous research and studio practice which integrates more experimentation throughout the making process of projects ( a perceived weakness of MA2)
  • consider the relationship between walking, drawing (and therefore painting); anonymity and the gaze through research.

Looking back on last years aims most are still relevant (i am still the same human) and some I managed to make more progress with than others. This year’s focus will be more on completing bodies of work for a gallery audience (possibly in addition to other spaces). Her are last year’s (ongoing) aims:

  • make links with local, national and international organisations involved in collaborative practice and through this make improved contact with other artists both here and abroad;
  • to continue to increase visibility online through maintaining my new website and improved documentation of projects;
  • develop studio practice through experimentation alongside focused research possibly with professionals from other disciplines – to make this practice work both in galleries and as site specific work.
  • Experiment with working on a variety of, often found, supports and on cloth, walls, furniture alongside relocating objects from sites and adding to them.
  • seek a variety of ways of funding my practice.

Making and Unmaking at the Camden Arts Centre July/August 2016

Camden Arts Centre

Although One of my aims in London was to visit spaces I haven’t been to before I couldn’t resist visiting the Camden Art’s Centre as I really like the space and how they curate the shows there. It is the perfect sized place for me. Big enough to allow some depth and/or variety of ideas but never overwhelming. This is where I first saw the work of Marlene Dumas and Fishli and Weiss in thought provoking shows.

Making and Unmaking curated by fashion designer Duro Olowu was very different. It was an eclectic mixture of works in a wide variety of media, many of which I respond to on a basic level, the hand made, the textiles especially. It also introduced me to the work of artists that were new to me and which I found inspiring.


Eric Mack


Indefinately felt 2016

Gallery website – Moran Bondaroff LA

This use of space and hanging of textiles was very compelling in the physical space. Looking at some other work on the gallery web page the artist pushes this physical presence of the fabric using walls and other hanging devises and always playing with the space around it.


lisa brice

Lisa Brice is a South African artist who I think I may have seen but not looked at properly before. Although I prefer the figurative work I find the tension with the abstract that is also there important. I also like this tension in the work which is finely balanced and only just resolved.

Lorna Simpson’s small collages where in more than one of the Camden Arts centre galleries. Some incorporated drawing/painting but these ones which play with the hair and the heritage of hairstyles stood out in their simplicity and strength.

lorna simpson


James Brown, Some Neighbors in the Garden of My Other House (detail), 2013 – this long collage was displayed slightly raised but low along the floor and was indeed rather like a garden being much longer than this image.The piece comes from a work in which the artist literally created another house. From the images I have seen of these installations the house is heavy with heritage and is dark and looks oppressive. This collage was much lighter. In part this was due to the light gallery in which it was placed but perhaps the ‘neighbours’ bought some relief. The scale of the collage made it like a long journey as it was so long that you had to walk around it to discover what it shows.

The most impressive thing about the exhibition was the curating by Duro Olowu which I think creates an energy much more powerful than individual pieces might be. Although there is some great work. It introduced me to unknown artists whilst setting them alongside well known works or works by well known artists. I also think that whilst textiles bound the works together the diversity of the media and the madeness of the work and its focus on process kept the pieces alive and bouncing off each other. It was an unexpected delight as I only went in by chance whilst visiting Sigmund Freud’s House.