Nearly the end of Term

I realised that at the end of term – ie when I can become a full time artist this blog doesnt exist (no July and August) so I am starting to collect reading material and plan for July and August’s reading and making. With only 4 more teaching days this year I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I will also try to negotiate some public space in which to make work at the beginning of the year, in addition to reading and experimenting. This month has been lost to catchup at teaching job so far but I am beginning to feel the mental space to reflect on which way I am going. One of the first things that I realised was that although I want to continue drawing and do some printmaking in paper, I am not drawn to continue painting on canvas for now. This is a big shift for me as I have been making ‘paintings’ on canvas or board: objects. As I travel around, especially on the local trains I see potential sites everywhere so I think I will start July in this way with a balance of academic reading/ material investigation and local research.

I am collecting a variety of papers and articles to read and websites such as this one which I find potentially very exciting.

And now I am ordering the books from the reading list.