Installation in the gallery

All this work is now packed up and I need to think about how I will install what I have (and what I will have when I get to Barnsley). Although I found these pieces interesting hanging in the studio it has always been my intention to have documentation on the floor. I previously played with the piles in the other gallery here in Madrid


The floor is darker and I want to try putting dirt on it first and the dotted line needs to follow the plan of the map. I have made a template that I can use in the gallery.


The bucket, gloves and possibly brush could also be there. I keep feeling tempted to add the fotograms.


This is a big temptation but, apart from the fact that it is impossible for me to use them as they will not have the final 5 places completed, I do not think they will go in the gallery. I think they might be too much of an extension like a kind of archiving practice that I was not really aiming at. I will think about it but they would need a table or a wall.

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