Stage 1 – walk to Algete

In order to see if I am capable of walking at least some of the last stage of my journey – Madrid to Barnsley – I am planning to walk to Algete next week. I am feeling a lot stronger and there are various places on the route that I can stop and/or return from if necessary. There are also regular buses from Algete back into Madrid. There are routes which avoid the main road to the north of Spain (the A1). I will be able to take it easy captura-de-pantalla-2017-01-30-a-las-14-00-02

I am a bit paranoid about getting sick again so I will probably have to go on Monday as there is no rain forecast. That would mean leaving at 9:30 after my tutorial with Caroline. There are more buses and things open than going on a Sunday for example. The forecast for next Monday in Alcobendas for example is sunny. I will need to watch the weather predictions and plan accordingly.

Will also take materials for drawing and then collecting too. Possibly a cleaner for a paste up somewhere along the route.

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