Aims for MA3

Initial Ideas:

Although I have been working in the studio a lot this summer this is where the work has to come together and get serious and there needs to be conclusions – without totally losing the playfulness I hope. I want to enjoy this process but am pretty terrified by the pressure of it. In addition to the body of work for the MA show (somewhere in the North of England in June) I have an exhibition in Madrid starting at a date to be confirmed in April. That means 2 bodies of work one of which I have started to develop this summer. Here I want to try to get started with the blog again and therefore my initial ideas for aims:

  • develop a more rigorous research and studio practice which integrates more experimentation throughout the making process of projects ( a perceived weakness of MA2)
  • consider the relationship between walking, drawing (and therefore painting); anonymity and the gaze through research.

Looking back on last years aims most are still relevant (i am still the same human) and some I managed to make more progress with than others. This year’s focus will be more on completing bodies of work for a gallery audience (possibly in addition to other spaces). Her are last year’s (ongoing) aims:

  • make links with local, national and international organisations involved in collaborative practice and through this make improved contact with other artists both here and abroad;
  • to continue to increase visibility online through maintaining my new website and improved documentation of projects;
  • develop studio practice through experimentation alongside focused research possibly with professionals from other disciplines – to make this practice work both in galleries and as site specific work.
  • Experiment with working on a variety of, often found, supports and on cloth, walls, furniture alongside relocating objects from sites and adding to them.
  • seek a variety of ways of funding my practice.

Studio Assistants

I needed to cover this in my MA2 contextual study but unless I miraculously manage to do an amazing super edit I do not have the words. Many artists working in a site specific way have assistants or teams or employ others on some type of a contract to help them with recording or setting up etc. I looked at Francis Alys and the way he documents his work – or the way others document it. There are also the police involved in ‘Los Barranderos’, where the road sweepers make a line with the garbage in Mexico DF and move it along the streets in the middle of the night. I think he needed the police because of the police in this case.

In Julie Mehretu’s practice she has a whole team of assistants making the different layers of her work and varnishing and polishing it according to instructions. I am not able to pay assistants but I have considered labour swapping with other artists.

During the open studios on 7th and 8th May I was thinking of getting someone to cover my studio so I could get off and meet more people. I was also considering using the ‘Artistas del Barrio’ platform to do some kind of labour exchange.