@laborolove in the Transition Gallery


The @laborolove postcards are in an exhibition called Europa which reflects on what it is to be European at the Transition Gallery in Hackney London. This is a subject close to my heart as I feel more of a european than any national identity. I have decided this blog is really useful and will carry it on through the summer – now that I caught up with the backlog of other ‘work’. If I don’t get through MA2 I suppose this will have to be elsewhere but I do find it useful and the Summer is when I have most time to work.

First summer task is to resubmit a proposal for 2017 for the ‘corrala’ a museum of ‘folk’ art (artes populares) in my street. There is a gallery downstairs and they accept proposals. They wrote to me this week asking questions about my work as I sent them a proposal last year for 2016 but was too late. Apart from this we are all waiting…waiting to find out if UK stays in Europe, waiting for the MA results and waiting to see if we get a good government in the Spanish general elections – all this next week.